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Soil technology for a healthier, more

sustainable future

We convert waste streams into valuable agricultural products.

Earth Holdings diverts the following waste streams, reducing the burden on capacity-strapped landfills and reducing the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas:

food waste.png

Using technology and know-how, we transform these waste streams into high-quality compost and organic-rich soils that sequester carbon and help plants grow. 

About us.
Black Soil

Earth Holdings is a composting and soil science platform which owns Wittmer Agricycle (Florida facility) and Organics by Gosh (Texas facility).  Earth Holdings strives to be an American and global leader in the revitalization of our planet's precious soil. 

Latest News 

Tiger Depackaging System

January 15, 2021


We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Tiger Depacker!  Engineered specifically for material depackaging and organic separation, the innovative Tiger Depackaging System combines the action of a shredder, screen and extrusion auger all in one piece of equipment.


Carbon Offset Quantifacation

February 02


The operations of our portfolio companies avert the release of significant quantities of greenhouse gases. Earth Holdings is excited to announce it is launching a project to quantify the resulting carbon offsets. This exciting development will allow us to deliver powerful environmental and social benefits (e.g., ESG and GHG metrics) to our customers.

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