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Organics By Gosh

Location: Austin, Texas
Leading regional organic composter with contracts with the City of Austin and blue-chip private customers.
A regional leader in composting

Receives yard trimmings and food waste from many residential homes and almost a third of the restaurants and commercial food preparers in Austin.   

World-class partnerships

Co-location and exclusive vendor relationships with blue chip customers for onsite bagging operation.

New Equipment

Engineered specifically for material depackaging and organic separation, our innovative Tiger Depackaging System combines the action of a shredder, screen and extrusion auger all in one piece of equipment, opening our door to a diverse new array of inbound customers. 

Highest quality production

Produces high-quality compost, blended soils and other products. These products are sold in bulk to landscapers and contractors throughout central Texas. 

Noteworthy Customers

Blue-chip customers include Mars Wrigley, Nestle, Red Bull, Beyond Meat, and Waste Management. 

New Site Expansion

 Approximately 300 acres of land in the suburbs of Austin, Texas are highly strategic and provides the foundation for accelerated growth and enhanced operational efficiencies at Organics by Gosh.  

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